PawHuggies FlashPad®

PawHuggies FlashPad®

PawHuggies FlashPad®

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 Perfect For Puppy Training!

Unlock the secret to hassle - free potty training! The Flash pad can help you in many ways to house break and potty train your brand new pup without spending so money on disposable pads! 

How The Flash Pad Works!

The Flash Pads unique design features three layers which work together to eliminate leakage and trap odors. Being soft and comfy, you dog will naturally be attracted to using it!


Great For Multi Using!

 The FlashPad® is also great for protecting crates and carriers during transport, whelping, incontinence, sick / diabetic dogs, protecting furniture and rugs from pet fur and dirt, lining kennels and playpens, protecting surfaces post-surgery, placing under food bowls and litter boxes, and for travel with your puppy.

Washable and Easy to Clean!

 Machine wash safe and extra durable, cleaning this washable pee pad is simple, fast, and effective. More importantly, with regular maintenance it won't retain odors or stains!

Worries About Putting The FlashPad® In Your Washer? 

If your pup pees or poops on the FlashPad and you don't want to throw in the washing machine just yet, we always recommend using a hose and a bucket of water and soap to clean the FlashPad before putting it in your washer machine and everything will be fine!


 Size Guide

M 39.4 x 59.7 Small Dogs
L 69.8 x 80 Medium Dogs
XL 80 x 90.2 Large Dogs


M 16 x 23.5 Small Dogs
L 27.5 x 31.5 Medium Dogs
XL 31.5 x 35.5 Large Dogs

 Our Customer Guarantee! 

Obviously, results can vary and we want you to be 100% satisfied. That's why we offer a 30-day risk free money back Guarantee. If you're not happy, send it back for a full refund. It's simple as that! We value customer satisfaction above anything else.  


Can these be put in a dryer? 

Yes they are able to be put in a dryer. It is suggested to use a lower temperature to help preserve the pad. Air drying is an option as well. 


 Why is the PawHuggies FlashPad® better than competitors? 

We strive to have the best high quality pet products on the market, we send out surveys monthly to customers that have purchased products we want to improve on, from the customers feedback, that is where we get the information to continuously improve our products!


How can I get my dog to use the flash pad?

The soft material and distinct pattern help your dog to recognize the pad but some training is required for your dog to know to use the pee pad.  If your dog is still a puppy, there are various methods to train her to use the pads. The most common method is to anticipate when the puppy will need to potty (normally 5-20 minutes after a meal) and place her on the pad when she needs to go. After she does the potty on the pad successfully, reward her with a treat and use positive verbal cues. It's best to keep the pad in the corner of a room where your puppy will be comfortable. After a couple of times, your puppy should know to use the pad by herself! 🐶


Can these be used for cats or other pets?

Yes! They can be used to help potty train cats, line crates, or for use with other animals.  


Can my pet chew up the Flash Pad?

Our Flash pads are designed to be chew resistant. You will find that they are much more resilient to frequent chewing than other pads out there, especially the disposable pads.


How long will it take to receive my Flash Pad?

For United States 3-7 days is our estimated delivery time, for International orders due to the pandemic 8-21+ days. 



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