Pulley Cat Toys (Without Electricity)

Pulley Cat Toys (Without Electricity)

Pulley Cat Toys (Without Electricity)

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【Multi-function cat toy】:This is a multifunctional fun cat toy,which combines self weight balance movement (without electricity),cat ball movement up and down,cat feather free rotation and other functions in one,multiple elements to attract more attention and play interest of the cat

【2 funny cat ball move up and down dosign】:There are two cat balls in the middle of the top of the product. when the toy moves back and forth under the action of extemal force,the cat ball can also move irregularly up and down under the support of the stick,which can attract the cat's interest in playing.The ball moves up and down at the same rate as the toy moves,and when the toy slowly stops,the ball will also stop moving up and down,waiting for the cat's next play

【Interactive cat feather 360 free rotation】:When the cat is playing,It can gently push the toy body to move back and forth. The wheels on both sides of the toy are designed with funny feathers,and play the function of helping to rotate.The cat lightly touches the cat's feathers on both sides,and under the function of helping to rotate.The cat lightly touches the cat's feathers on both sides,and under the action of the high elastic spring,It can also swing irregularly

【Ultra-low noise reduction】 The sound produced by other cat toys during operation will make cats feel stressed and afraid. Our cat toys use safe and durable food-grade silicone wheels. There is almost no sound when it is running, so there is no need to worry about your cat being scared

【Easy to use】:This toy is made of environmentally friendly and healthy ABS,Strong and durable,And will not be damaged by pets,It is easy to use and durable to use for a long time


📦 Package: 1 x toy with nice package box


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