Funny Cat Stick With Sucker Ball Toys Grass Box

Funny Cat Stick With Sucker Ball Toys Grass Box

Funny Cat Stick With Sucker Ball Toys Grass Box

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This is a multifunctional, high-value cat toy

Dear friends, cat grass seeds cannot go through customs, there will be no seeds in the package, you can sprinkle cat grass seeds yourself, or put cat food.

[Multi-function Cat Toy] This toy is a master-pet interactive tabletop toy, an integration of cat grass planting pot, rotating windmill, cat-teasing ball, storage function and many others; a toy of cat-teasing and practical usage combined.

[Convenient Cat Grass Pot] Cat grass can be planted with simple operation, hydroponic cycle planting, to ensure the surrounding environment clean and tidy. Detachable strainer for easy planting and cleaning. Large grid design to make seedlings grow upright taller. Cats' favorite grass can help them vomit the hair ball accumulated inside their stomachs; freshen cat's breath, and make the cat love to eat and love to play this toy.

[Simple Growing Approach for Cat Grass]

1. Spread a layer of cat grass seeds evenly on the water strainer, but do not overlap spreading seeds; the water level should not be over the seeds; cover the seeds with a layer of tissue and moisten it by spraying water; spray water 2 to 4 times a day to keep cat grass seeds wet, while do not need sunlight now;

2. After the seeds germinate and take roots, remove the tissue and lower the water level appropriately just to be absorbed by the roots; put it in a sunny and ventilated place, and change the water every 1 to 2 days; 3. Cats can eat the grass when it grows.

[Interactive Cat-teasing Windmill for Relaxation] Cats can turn the windmill by gently flicking the blade.The owner can turn the windmill after work to relieve bad mood and release pressure or play it together with your cat to enhance the affection between you and your pet. The toy is also designed with flexible and soft cat-teasing stick. This new and original cat-teasing stick can be bent at will, which is safer and can also intrigue cats to play.

[Storage Function] The toy is designed with a small pond shaped storage groove, which can store some office supplies or small objects.

[Anti-upset Design with A Large base] This toy is designed low for anti-upset; triangular stable structure in terracing shape, meanwhile with three anti-slip stickers at the bottom.A variety of design elements can effectively prevent cats being naughty or greedy from knocking it over.

[Easy to Play] This toy is very simple to play. It can not only relieve the anxiety of the cat being bored or not accompanied by the owner, but also provide the cat with eating grass, so that the cat will not damage the house appliance or clothes.It can also allow the owner to interact and play with the pet after work, enhance the affection between them and relieve the owner's job pressure.

📦 Package: 1 x toy with nice package box


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