FLXBUL Ultimate Back Roller Stretcher Yoga Wheel

FLXBUL Ultimate Back Roller Stretcher Yoga Wheel

FLXBUL Ultimate Back Roller Stretcher Yoga Wheel

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FLXBUL To The Rescue

Do you have back pain? FLXBUL is the solution! FLXBUL is a multifunctional fitness device that can help relieve back pain and improve mobility. FLXBUL can also be used for yoga, exercise, myofascial release, and more!


FLXBUL Ultimate Yoga Wheel has been designed to help you improve your flexibility, achieve more challenging poses and perfect them. It will help you to stretch your hips, abdomen, chest, and back. It will massage your spine in a safe yet deep way. It’s the perfect addition for beginners as it will allow you to master back-ends and handstands quicker with a perfect form.


If you've been trying to get into a handstand, but can't seem to quite get there, the FLXBUL Ultimate Yoga Wheel could be your missing piece. Learning your placement with the wheel as a guide, and building that core and arm strength, will prepare you to perfect handstands. Not only does the yoga wheel open your back, but it also enhances your flexibility. It allows you to experiment with advanced yoga asanas that you may never have dreamed you could get into.


FLXBUL Yoga Wheel has a durable skid-resistant Eco-Friendly TPE padding (3/4” thick) providing a soft and comfortable sensation to your palms, shoulders, feet, and back. The strong ABS inner core is extremely strong and will support up to 500 lbs, DOESN’T FLEX OR BEND UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. FLXBUL Yoga Wheel is built to last!


The TPE padding has moisture-resistant technology which makes the mat water-proof to keep it moist and germs-free! So you can be sure that your Yoga Wheel will be free of musky scents.


  • Material: PP+EVA
  • Color: Pink,Green,Blue,Black,Purple
  • Size: 28cm (11.02 in) | 19cm (7.48 in)


Package Includes

  • (1) x FLXBUL Ultimate Back Roller Stretcher Yoga Wheel


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