Flower Cute Desk Lamp

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Add a fun element to any bedroom or living space, with our versatile forest lamp. Equipped with a "tap to light" design, three color temperatures, and a smart phone stand, our forest lamp is built to stand out, and brighten your space while doing so.

Lovers of cottagecore, forest, fantasy, or fairy aesthetics will absolutely fall in love with this lamp, making it perfect for housewarming or special occasion gifts. In addition, our selection of versatile colors, allow you to match our forest lamp with any room design or style, including vintage, modern, retro, or industrial.

Forest Lamp Features:

-Beautiful Floral/Forest Aesthetic: When the table lamp is switched on, the lampshade creates a fascinating interplay of light and shadow, all while offering a simple, modern, and versatile decor style.

-User friendly: Equipped with smart eye protection to help the user keep their eyes safe.

-Versatile Colors: Comes in 4 color choices--blue, pink, green, or yellow

-USB-Charging Capacity: Able to be recharged, allowing for infinite usability.

-"Tap to Light or Dim" Design: Easy to turn on and adjust lighting to your liking, with just one simple tap.

-3 Changeable Lighting Temperatures


-Sizing: 15(length) x 12.5(width) x 39(height) CM


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