Fidget Spinner Pen with LED Light

Fidget Spinner Pen with LED Light

Fidget Spinner Pen with LED Light

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  • AGE RECOMMENDED AND IMPROVEMENT: This product contains small parts, not suitable for kids under 6 years old. The flashlight was improved and it holds better comparing than previous production lot. IF THE LIGHT DOES NOT WORK, TAKE THE BATTERIES OUT AND RE-INSTALL TO SOLVE THE CONTACT ISSUE AND THE NONE WORKING ISSUE WILL BE SOLVED.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Body material is machined from 100% copper material with non-toxic painting; the spinning is made from Zinc alloy, not PLASTIC and much heavier on this upgraded version of fidget spinning pen. The pen is a 3 in 1 fun playing fidget pen with flashlight, regular ballpoint pen.

  • WIDE APPLICATION: Ideal gift pens for women, men and children. Perfect ballpoint pens for all brain-workers, such as teacher, designer, student, clerk, engineer, worker, doctor, lawyer, etc. Regardless of size or sex, virtually anyone could use this premium pen not only for regular writing, but time killer and really helps with ADD and ADHD.

  • PORTABLE SIZE: Size 4.13 inch x 0.43 inch, mini sized pen that you can keep it in your pocket, bag and any small container that can fit a iPhone 5. However, the weight is about 1.63 OZ which is almost doubled because full metal body comparing with last version of fidget spinning pen and this upgraded version pen is spinning really fast and smooth.

  • REFILLS: Compatible with Fisher SU, ACME, Aurora, Monteverde, Pelikan, Cross and Lamy D1 size refills for smoother experience, no leakage and pleasure writing because of premium quality refill; This modular pen is not just a pen, a toy, the more magic is that can help you more on concentration and work efficiency by giving relief to your stress and anxiety.


  • Color: matte black, black, silver, blue, red, gold

  • Weight: 37G

  • Size: 10.5* 1.1CM/ 4.13* 0.43in

  • Material: Copper

  • Packet: 1* Fidget Spinner Pen with LED Light


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